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Heating repair NJ, Central heating services

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, around 30 percent of the energy used for HVAC purposes is lost due to improperly insulated or leaky ducts. Considering the fact that heating and cooling energy costs form a chunk of your energy bills, you might be losing a chunk of change just because of those leaky ducts. Since New Jersey experiences extremely cold winters, it is important to carry out heating repair in NJ before the winter sets-in.
Though there are number of heating options available to NJ residents during the winter, a gas furnace still rules the roost. However, since the furnace is a mechanical device and requires several parts and aspects to work correctly, it is bound to develop problems over a period of time. Minor issues such as clogged filters or a broken blower belt can be fixed easily, but there are times when major heating repair NJ needs to be carried out.


Furnace Repair - Heating Repair Services

Only a qualified technician can tackle a predicament such as this. However, it is not recommended to hire an individual to carry out boiler repair NJ since it is next to impossible to verify the professional qualifications of an individual. You would also not want to invite an absolute stranger, someone who just says they are a contractor, into your home or business premises. The best way thus is to call an established HVAC contractor and let them handle the situation.

Since there are a number of HVAC contractors out there, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. To ease matters for you, just see if the HVAC contractor you are calling for heating repair NJ is BBB certified. A BBB accreditation means the company you are calling is trustworthy and you can trust them as far as your security and post-sale services are concerned.

Now comes the most crucial part, the technicians. Well, if the heating system repair including furnace repair and/or boiler repair NJ contractor you are calling is BBB certified, it means that all the customers for a particular company are satisfied and no complaints have ever been lodged pertaining to that company (well, perhaps not always; there are some people who just like to complain). And we at Ice Age Heating and Air-Conditioning are proud to say that we are BBB certified.

Whether it’s a small job or a major central heating repair in NJ, we treat each job equally to ensure that all your HVAC problems are solved quickly and without any doubt. All of our technicians are skilled and dedicated and can work on HVAC equipment of all makes and models. What’s more, we work 24/7 and 365 days a year. So next time you have an HVAC problem, think of Ice Age.

Most common heating problems are listed below can be prevented with annual heating system maintenance.

  • Electrical components
  • Contactor
  • Run capacitor
  • Blower motor
  • Thermostat
  • Circuit board
  • Relay
  • Condensate pump
  • Transformer
  • Draft inducer motor
  • Ignition control module
  • Hot surface ignitor
  • Flame sensor
  • Gas valve
  • Fan control
  • Roll out / limit switch

We offer 24/7 Emergency Heating Repair Services

In the event that your heater, furnace or boiler needs servicing, you have peace of mind knowing we’re only a phone call away. We offer 24/7 emergency heating repair services. We service every type of central heating unit including ductless split systems, boilers, heat pumps and commercial package units.


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Heating Repair NJ
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